Modern customer-centric applications require masterfully executed user experiences and a strong CRM backbone, but this is not always enough. Large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured, depend on expert architectures that extend traditional CRM capabilities with customer-facing portals, real time data integrations, high volume transactional processing, intelligent analytics and alternative data stores.


Full lifecycle software development as a service. Scalable applications, beautiful web sites, portals, big data solutions and integrations.


Architecture, security, scalability and integration for your customer-centric solutions.


Tier 3 support and managed services for applications and solutions that we help design and build.

our-process-desktop PREPARATION DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT AND ITERATION 1-2 Weeks iterations Project definition Prototype Sprint planning Daily SCRUM meeting Sprint Review Retrospective Ongoing Releases our-process-mobile PREPARATION DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT AND ITERATION 1-2 Weeks iterations Sprint Review Retrospective Ongoing Releases Project definition Prototype Sprint planning Daily SCRUM meeting
Why We're Different

At Aquiva Labs we help great ideas get implemented right the first time. With our intimate knowledge of architectures, technology stacks and patterns to handle the most complex business and data scenarios, we ensure your application is built to last.

Our engagement model is "Dev Team as a Service", and our DevOps Ready teams always include expert architecture, QA, and project oversight. Aquiva makes global teams work for you. Unified development teams combine expert offshore developers working closely with US-based architects and product consultants. You get an optimal rate structure without having to manage the daily activities of an offshore team.

Whether you are looking to create a prototype of a new product, outsource your Salesforce application development, create a custom solution, or require a short term engagement to assist with a specific challenge, our teams are there to help.

Technology Expertise
  •, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud
  • Heroku and AWS Clouds and Services
  • Java, Node.js, Mongo DB, Couchbase, ELK stack
  • Angular, React, HTML5
  • Apache Kafka, Mule ESB, Scribe Software
  • Blockchain, Etherium
Centers of Excellence
  • Best practices, repeatable patterns, processes, and assets
  • Deep development expertise across complex enterprise projects
  • DevOps Ready with continuous integration, testing and delivery
  • Go-to-market expertise and assistance
Cross Functional Teams
  • Adaptable and Elastic team capacity
  • Domain experience is preserved across changes in team size
  • US-based and offshore presence for optimal rate structure
  • Architecture, QA, and management oversight are included in blended rate
Methodology Expertise
  • A proven Agile and collaborative development process
  • Experienced SCRUM masters
  • Solid architecture and solution design practices
  • Accelerate your project with our previous experience and focus on Salesforce and Heroku
“We knew our existing teams didn't have the skillset and capacity we needed. After evaluating numerous firms who used a variety of methodologies, we selected Aquiva Labs. It became instantly obvious that they were dedicated to the success of our project. Their team augmented our team perfectly, and we have since incorporated some of their techniques into our processes.”
Collaborative Software Development
Built ScribeWorks, a native AppExchange integration solution.
Working together on DirectBook and PlannerPortal solutions for the AppExchange.
Helped create a disability insurance platform on
Built Hobout customer community platform on Heroku.
Solving complex data and connectivity problems.
Shawn McGowan, CEO

"The team at Aquiva Labs has been an amazing development partner for Scribe Software. They provide not only the depth of Apex knowledge and best practices for building Apps, but also bring a creative approach to software development with their highly effective Agile model. The team has done an outstanding job with architectural guidance, project execution and strategic considerations to our project."

61 %

61% of software development projects fail or exceed their budget and schedule.* This doesn’t have to happen. Our All-inclusive project teams reduce the likelihood of project delays with deep experience and best practices.
*Source: Standish Group, “Chaos Manifesto 2013”

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